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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Horse Jumps - A Funny Game

This is the next best thing to horse riding if one is unable to ride the horse physically. These are very comfortable to play for beginners. Moreover, most of games use high-end graphics that gives it a more realistic touch.
  Some play funny games like show jumping. It is another horse jumping game for beginners. It creates more excitement as it gets tougher. The higher levels of the game are literally tough to crack and this aids in maintaining the player's interest. An additional choice within the game helps to maintain the user interaction. After the selections, the player is ready to ride his horse. Player takes time to understand and get comfortable with the navigation and control keys. They design the game in a manner such that as soon as the player learns his controls, the game begins to get tougher.

Another crazy game is horse show. This is where there are various obstacles in the path of the play where the user has to dodge over and save the horse. Otherwise, the horse will crash and the game will be over. To increase the excitement, the designers of the game have put a time limit to it that really tests the skills of the player. The best part about the game is that it is free and is available online. It has a small size so is easy to download and play it.

There are some three dimensional horse racing games that really catch the player's interest as it gives the closest approximation to real horse riding. They also give bonus points for different styles of jumping. The player can learn and practice various styles by learning all the controls and using the tricks on time. A player, overtime, develops his own style of riding the horse that is different from other players. However, these games require the installation of shockwave on their computers.

Some games on the internet gain enough popularity. The designers then create the second version of the game that has tougher levels and higher degree of competition. This shows the increasing popularity of the game and the number of players on the internet to play the game.

The most famous horse jumping game is 'Bella Sara'. This game has simulation-jumping contests in the arena. It is available on the internet free. The player can further customize by downloading horses and trading codes.

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